恆 河 大 手 印 梵語 瑪哈拇扎烏巴滴夏

敬禮金剛空行 Homage to the Vajra Dakini

大手印法雖無表 Although Mahamudra cannot be taught

然於上師具苦行 (But you who have) undergonehardships andare devoted to (your) lama

具忍具慧那諾巴 With forbearance in suffering,wise Naropa

具種修心如是行 Take this to your heart, the fortunate one

譬如虛空無所依 Take space for an example: Which relies on what?

大手印亦無依境 Like space, Mahamudra has no object to rely on.

住無造作本性中 Let(the mind) rest in ease in the unaltered innate state.

定離繫縛證解脫 If the bondage is freed, liberation is acertainty

譬如觀察虛空無所見 If(you)gaze into the sky,for example,the sight will cease.

如是以心自觀心 Likewise,whem the mind gazes at mind itself,

一切分別淨盡得成無上覺 All conceptual thoughts will cease, and attain the unsurpassed enlightenment.

譬如虛空之中雲 Haze and clouds,for example, dissipate in the space element.

本無住者及去者 (They)neither go to nor abide in anywhere.

如此一切分別生於心 Likewise, all the conceptual thoughts that originate in the mind.

觀見自心分別波浪滅 The waves of conceptual thoughts, will dissipate when(the true nature of)one’s own mind is seen.

譬如空離一切色 The nature of space, for example, transcends color and shape.

黑白等色不能染 It is tinged and changes neither by white nor by black.

如此妙明自心超色相 Likewise, the essence of one’s mind transcends coloror sharpe.

善惡黑白不能沾 Itcannot be tinged and changed by either virtue or non-virtue.

譬如晴明日光照 The essence of the luminous and clear sun, for example

千动黑暗頓朗然 Cannot be obcured by the darkness of a thousand eons

如此妙心放光明 Likewise, the luminous essence of one’s own mind

長动輪迴不能遮 Cannot be obscured by eons of cyclic existence

譬如強名言虛空 Although the name”empty”is designated to space, for example

虛空究竟離言詮 Space cannot be described as this or that

如此覺心雖亦強言釋 Likewise, although we call our mind”luminous”

究竟成就實離言 It is groundless to describe how it is formed

如此心性本同於虛空 There, the nature of mind is primordially like the space

無餘攝盡一切法 All phenomenal existent, withouts.excepvion

, are subsumed under it

身離造作安然住 stop all physical activities, andlet the true nature remain free,

絕言聲空如迴響 the union of sound and emptiness is like an echo when in silence,

意離思量確定法 look at the definitive experiential understanding of

the sublime dharma without thoughts of any kind.

身無實藏如空竹 like ahollow bamboo stalk, the body has no easence.

心合虛空超思量 like the center of the space, the mind is beyond


住於任運無去來 free(the mind) in that state without releasing or

restraining it.

無著心契大手印 when the mind is free from all foci,it is Mahamudre.

恆修決證佛菩提 when (one) become familiar with it, the unsurpassed


講述密典波羅密 The followers of Tantric teachings, and the Paramitas(perfections).

種種經律與法藏 Vinaya teachings,sutras, and the Pitakas, etc.

各各宗派論議等 And one’s own scriptures and their tenets.

不見光明大手印 Will not see the luminous Mahamudra.

希冀欲求障光明 Inner desire, hopes and expectations obscure the luminosity.

分別守誓損內義 The percepts of conceptual adherence to,and abstention

from debase the true meaning of samaya.

離一切欲不作意 Where there is no mental activity, (the mind) is

separated from the mental desires.

自生自滅如波浪 Like the waves of water(the mind) is self-orginating,

and self-subsiding.

無住無緣不離諦 If(you) neither dwell, nor perceive, nor transgress the

ultimate point.

不離誓言破暗燈 (You are) like a lamp in the darkness who dose not

transgress samsya.

離諸欲求不住邊 When all dsires are down awaywith and when one dose not

abide in theextreme.

一切法藏無餘見 All the dharma teachings of the Pitakas, without

exception, will be understood.

依此義脫輪迴獄 (You) will be treed from the prison of cyclic existence

if hard efforts are put into this ultimate point.

依此義住除罪障 Staying in ineditative equipoise in this will burn away

all sins and obscuration.

此是教內大明燈 (A true practitioner of Mahamudra) is called the “Torch

of the Teachings”

不修此義愚夫輩 Even foolish beings whohave no interest in

this(ultimate point)

彼常漂溺生死海 Can be saved (by such practitioners)from constantly

drowning in the river of samsara

溺苦愚盲應悲憫 Have compassion to the foolish who are afflicted with

never-ending suffering.

欲脫據苦應依圓滿師 Those who desire to liberate themselves from unbearable

suffering should seek a learned lama.

加持入彼心解脫 (you)mind will be liberated as the blessings enter your


給豁 輪迴無義唯苦因 Lo! All things of samsara are the pointless causes of


造作無實當觀具義藏 As constructed things are without essence, seek the

essence that is purposeful.

離諸執著是見王 The king of all views is that which transcends subject

and object duality.

無散亂者是修王 The king of all meditations is non-distraction.

若無作求是行王 The king of all actions is the absence of concerted


無有希疑果現前 The fruit is realized when there is no expections and


超所緣境心性現 The nature of mind is luminous when it transcends

conceptual focus.

無所行道入佛道 The beginning of the path to enlightenment is found when

there is no path to walk.

無嫻熟境即菩提 The unsurpassed enlightenment is reached when there is

nothing to familiarize with.

給嘛 於世間法善了知 Alas! Look elosely at samsaric phenomena!

無常如夢亦如幻 They are as impermanent as dreams and illusions.

夢幻實義本無有 (only that) neither dreams nor illusions exist in


知己當厭捨世間 Therefore develop renunciation, and let go of worldly


捨諸貪嗔輪迴法 By severing all ties of attachment and aversion to


依於山林洞穴居 Mediate is solitude in the jungle, in a hermitage or in


恆常住於無修中 (Train youself to be able to) remain in the state of


得無得即得大印 Whem the unattainable is attained, Mahamudra is


譬彼大樹枝葉茂 Take the example of a tree trunk with spreading branches,

leaves and petals.

斬斷其根枝葉枯 If the very root is cut, tens and hundreds of thousand

branches will dry out.

如是若能斷心根 Likewise, ifthe very root of (conceptual) mind is cut,

the branches, the leaves.

輪迴枝分亦乾枯 And the petals of samsara will dry up.

譬如千劫所集暗 Even the darkness accumulated in a thousand cons, for


明燈一盞暗立遣 Is dispelled by one lamp.

如是自心剎那光 Likewise, in an instance, one’s own luminous mind.

多劫無明罪障除 Removes cons’accumulation of sins and obscurations.

給豁 有心之法不見離心義 Lo! Intellectual dharma dose not see the(ultimate)

meaning which transcends mental conception.

有為之法不解無為趣 The constructed dharma dose not experience (ultimate)

meaning of no-action.

故達離心無為義 If (one) wishes to attain the state of no-action that is

beyond conceptual mind.

自心根斷性覺赤裸住 Let the awareness remain naked by cutting the very root

of one’s conceptual mind.

分別垢染之水自澄清 Let the polluted waters of conceptual thoughts clear away

自然安住於顯無破立 Leave appearance alone in their place without denial or


無取捨心三有即大印 Mahamudra is appearances and existence without

acceptance or rejection.

藏識無生習垢蓋障淨 The all-ground (alaya) is unborn and therefore free from

habitual tendencies and veil of obscuration.

任無生藏不著傲慢魔 Do not gauge with deluded ego, but let(the mind) stay

in the unborn essence.

窮盡顯乃自顯諸心法 Let all mental events, the appearances which are

self-appearances(of the mind).exhaust.

解脫邊際乃殊勝見王 The supreme king of all views is the view that transcends

boundaries and limits.

無際深廣即殊勝修王 The supreme king of all meditations is the meditation

that is without boundary, deep, and spacious.

斷邊離方為殊勝行王 The supreme conduct is the conduct that is definitive

and non-directional.

無有希冀自住殊勝果 The supreme fruition is self-abiding and without


初入恰如瀑布激流水 For the beginners (of meditation) the mental state is

like a torrent gushing down a steep eliff.

中如恆河寬坦而閒緩 Midway(the mind) is like river Ganges gently flowing.

後子母相會如靜止水 In the end it is like the eonfluence of all the rivers,

like the reunion of mother and child.

劣慧行人未堪善安住 If the beings of inferior intellect cannot abide in the

natural state of continuity.

可依氣之要點持覺性 Engage the crucial wind (technique) and east away the

awareness from the crown of the head.

眼觀持心支分諸多門 With yogic gaze, and mental fixation, etc.

調令任運安住於覺性 Discipline (the mind) until the awareness remams in its

natural state of continuity.

若依業印增現空樂明 The union of primordial wisdom and bliss will arise if

(you) seek a consort.

方便智慧加持雙運之 Engaged in the union of method and wisdom from


緩慢降下集住復返回 Slowly bring down the (bodhicitta), retain it, and

reverse the flow.

漸提回起點令遍全身 Reach it to its original location, and spread it allover

the body.

絕離貪故空樂明方顯 The union of primordial wisdom of Bliss and Emptiness with arise if there is no attachment and clinging to it.

長命黑髮相飽如滿月 (With this pratice) one will live long, have on gray hair and prosper like the waxing moon.

光彩煥發力大如獅子 One will dazzle with brilliance, and even the strength will equal that of a lion.

得共成就更趨殊勝果 One will quickly attain the common attainment, and strive to wards the attainment of the supreme attainment.

此大手印極心要口訣 This crucial pith instruction on Mahamudra.

願具種眾生恆持受 May ledge in the hearts of fortunate beings.


(大手印金剛句二十八頌) 那諾巴所授,西藏大譯師馬爾巴卻吉洛追(法慧)於北方布拉哈日所譯。